Foreign language children

The Forest-Play-Group offers a wonderful environment for children of a foreign mother tongue, in order to get an initial contact with German language and to establish the basis for future knowledge of the language. The team principally speaks Swiss/German dialect to the children. If necessary in difficult situations the team is fond to communicate in the child’s tongue, depending on the type of language. Usually the understanding is straightforward as the children coming to the Forest-Play-Group are in an age of curiosity and appetite for knowledge and the rules and sequences of events are self-evident and constant.

So far children with English, Italian, Turkish, Polish, Danish and Swedish mother tongue have visited our Forest-Play-Group.

Children with special needs

Since the launch of the Forest-Play-Group "Reinacher Toddlers" we had three children in this group with the Trisomie 21 disease. From the start these kids needed some more care; partly full attendance. After an individual familiarisation we want to achieve a reduction of this special attendance and a full integration into the course of the Forest-Play-Group’s events. This is made possible also by partial funding of the Mosaik Foundation.