Nature-children Reinach:
schedule - course of events

After welcoming members in a circle with the parents, we set off. We dive into the forest, watch nature, marvel at animals, throw pine cones over the brook, listen to the woodpecker, collect sticks and stones, climb, balance and arrive at a tree trunk where we sing and play finger games.

We walk a little further and come to the toddlers’ place, where every child makes the znüni by itself. We sing the Znünilied and enjoy the rest. After the break, we will devote ourselves to a theme from nature that is taught using pedagogical nature education strategies.

Well rested and refreshed, we continue. Together we collect dry wood for our fire. Loaded with the firewood we get to the fire site. Before cooking, there often is still time for free or guided play and creative forms with the unstructured toys of nature.

Then we prepare the wood for the fire, whereby the children – accompanied – can sometimes also work with the saw. When preparing and cooking, everyone helps. Before the meal, we sing the Zmittaglied. For dessert we listen to a story. Before we make our way back, the nature children play.

The parents are waiting for us again at the starting point and with the farewell-song we finish the Waldspielgruppe.