Reinacher Toddlers:
schedule - course of events

After the welcome song we say good bye to the parents and start the forest play group.

The eventful way leads us to a number of stops, where the children can scramble, perform nature music, collect staves, cook fantasy-dinners on a tree stump, observe worms and view the pond. Depending on the mood of the children and the weather conditions , we gather after 45 to 60 minutes to a cosy tree-trunk meeting, where we sing and play finger-games together. Then we continue through the forest and get to the toddlers place, where we eat the znüni together.

After the meal some time is left for free or guided games, climbing and changing nappies, before we start our way back.

In winter, when we keep ourselves warm by sufficient action, we sometimes play a little bit less and choose a longer way back.

In summertime we often have some spare time for a stop at the creek - bathing our feet, floating leaves and sticks and to throw stones into the water.

The parents expect the children at the starting point and we finish the morning by singing a goodbye-song together.