For the time in the forest several layers of clothes are recommended. They may be put off according to demand. If the weather conditions are chilly, it is recommended to dress one more layer than usual.

Depending on the weather forecast, waterproof clothing is mandatory - this is generally the ideal outfit in the forest. Also in summertime we recommend long clothing as a protection against ticks. The shoes should have sufficient tread. Rubber boots are only proper for wet-warm weather.

The backpack should have a breast-strap. The children have to bring their own diapers, wet cosmetic-napkins, a bag for used diapers and handkerchiefs. They also have to bring their own, well shutting drinking bottle. If necessary sunscreen and tick-protector should be applied at home.

Seasonal specials:
Spring / fall : gloves, replacement socks, cap
Summer : sun cap, replacement t-shirt, replacement trousers
Winter : snowsuit, warm and water-resistant shoes, warm gloves, woollen gloves, mittens. ( 2 pairs of replacement gloves in the backpack )